Can Telemarketing and Inbound Strategies Work Together?

When speaking to companies about how they generate leads for new business, inbound strategies come up frequently. This is a very effective revenue stream when working within the internet era, but it's little known how well outbound strategies such as B2B telemarketing can complement your inbound methods - helping to grow your business even faster.

Our previous post on Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing makes it clear that a blend of the two strategies will be the most effective way to drive new business into your sales funnel - using only one is rarely as fruitful. However, using both of these shouldn't mean two completely separate projects, as telemarketing and inbound strategies can work together to create even better results. At Straight-line marketing, we are experts in utilising any marketing methods you already use to optimise your sales prospects and drive maximum ROI.

Outbound marketing involves predominantly telemarketing, calling businesses within your target market and identifying if they have a need for your offering. It can also include email marketing, or anything that involves actively reaching out to potential new clients. Inbound methods will drive traffic to your website through platforms such as social media and blogging, and bringing you enquiries this way. 

Blending your two approaches works in multiple ways. Your inbound methods can provide us with a list of businesses who are already engaging with your content, and therefore allows a very targeted approach when contacting them in an outbound way. Sources of the data can include companies that engage with you on social media, or have subscribed to your mailing lists. If you use IP tracking, we are able to even more effectively target calls based on which parts of your website they engage with the most. 

We have a conversation with companies who are already looking at your product or service - which in most cases means they have an interest. A meaningful conversation with somebody who is already interested will nurture the prospect, providing a much hotter lead, so allowing you the best possible chances to close a sale, instead of waiting for them to decide to buy. 

On the flipside, we will also reach out to businesses who fall into your target market but haven't yet come across your content. Driving new traffic to your website allows them to learn more about your offering in their own time, even if they aren't ready to buy from you at the time. When the time does come, they will remember an engaging conversation on the phone that compliments what they've found on your website - compared to seeing the websites alone of your competitors. And even if the companies we speak to don't buy from you, the increased web traffic will improve your overall internet presence and drive your website up search engine ranks as your content becomes more popular. This leads to an increasing number of businesses finding you when they actively search for what you offer, which ultimately brings you more new business. 

Overall, you'll see benefits in your marketing strategy that streamlines your lead generation and sales process. Get in touch with one of our telemarketing experts today to find out how we can compliment everything you're already doing to maximise new sales. 

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