Why you should outsource your Lead Generation through Telemarketing


Still one of the most effective marketing solutions available to any business of any size, telemarketing can be the difference between a business SUCCEEDING or not. A common question does remain - is it better to outsource B2B telemarketing to a specialist agency or carry it out in-house?we Looked at some of the reasons outsourcing lead generation can be more beneficial to your company.


Our job is getting to know your company, understanding your brand and utilising this to bring you more business. Whilst your employees know your company, they do not necessarily carry the experience that we do in selling that brand to new clients.

As B2B telemarketing experts, we work with you to find out which industries you want to grow in! After identifying any low hanging fruit and channeling this into your sales funnel; we will go out to these specific markets with a clear, defined message, fully geared towards driving awareness for your brand and of course, supplying you with high quality sales opportunities. 

performance culture

Telemarketing is what we do, and here at straight-line we have a unique culture that drives our team to hit their targets, your success becomes their success. Performance is at the heart of everything we do, and we know that the only way to retain business is by delivering an incredible customer experience. This includes both our interaction with our clients, and generating high quality leads for your business growth.  

Some companies will hire a temp for a brief period of time to boost outbound sales, but this is rarely the most effective solution for anyone. These telemarketers are paid hourly, and often lack the incentive to really strive for your business - meaning you are likely to get a less effective result for a potentially larger investment.


Similar to our performance culture, every single member of our team is highly trained and experienced in lead generation and appointment setting. When outsourcing to us, you pay for an entire team of skilled telemarketers to do what they do best, with your campaign being overseen by a senior campaign manager to ensure everything is running as seamlessly as possible. In terms of value for money, you can see that paying for a skilled team including a supervisor will be much more effective than having your own employees carry out your outbound marketing, or hiring one individual running a whole project for you. 


By outsourcing your telemarketing, you have the flexibility to scale the campaign up or down depending on its effectiveness. Doing this in-house is more difficult, especially if you have someone employed specifically to carry out all lead generation and appointment setting. 

Return on investment

This is key when it comes to any expense - what will you gain from investing the money? We understand the importance of this, and do extensive calculations when planning a campaign - taking in to account the campaign cost and the value of the sales that will come as a result. We always run a pioneer campaign for all new clients, this enables us to prove concept with minimal risk. Starting with a small investment of hours allows us to test market response, prove the concept of telemarketing, and impress you with the initial results. 


As well as looking at Return on Investment, the overall cost to your company must also be factored in - as paying a large sum up front when outsourcing can seem costly. However, the cost is likely to be similar to (or cheaper than) hiring an individual to carry out the same process in-house. When hiring a team member, expenses such as pensions, national insurance and paid holiday must also be taken into account. All of these mean you generally pay more money for a less comprehensive service, as there is only one person doing your telemarketing as opposed to a fully experienced team. 

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