Appointment Setting or Lead Generation - What's the difference?

Appointment setting and Lead generation are similar in principle, but have a few fundamental differences. One may be more suitable for your business than the other, so read on to find out a little more about each method of B2B telemarketing and which may be more effective at helping you drive new business. 

An appointment setting campaign involves generating you fixed opportunities to get in front of the types of clients you want to be working with. We speak to prospects and once we have confirmed they have a genuine requirement and interest in your product or service, we will schedule an appointment (this could be by phone, face to face or a web demo) at a set time for your sales team to follw up and convert into new business. 

During a B2B lead generation campaign, we will still speak to prospects within your target market, and pass you on details of companies who are interested in your offering, but not fix a time and date for you to follow them up. We will work with you to define a strict set of criteria for what would be a qualified lead, so you can be safe in the knowledge that the opportunities we pass over are still genuine and suitable for your product or service. 

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Most companies find that an appointment setting campaign works best for them, as there is a firm date in the diary for both the prospect and the sales team, which can strengthen the quality of the lead - since nobody will agree to a further meeting unless they are genuinely interested! It puts your business directly in touch with the decision maker, therefore helping your sales team to close the deal early, without wasting time trying to get hold of the right person! 

Lead generation campaigns involve us making outbound calls to decision makers of the businesses you want to be working with, much like appointment setting. It's less common than appointment setting, but there are some industries where lead generation is far more suitable.  For example, SAAS companies offering a free trial of their product may benefit from a lead generation campaign far more. Once we have an interested prospect, we can collect all details necessary for your team to set this up, and then the prospect will be entered into your sales process for all further correspondence to be arranged between you. This is beneficial to the client, as it avoids booking them in for a call just to provide you with their information to get the trial started; and it's beneficial to you as it will be up and running sooner, increasing the engagement of the client and improving conversion. 

If you're unsure of whether appointment setting or lead generation will be better for driving you business growth (or want to find out more about how we can use either of these methods to generate you qualified sales opportunities), get in touch with one of our experts today on 0161 504 0608 or click below to send us a message.

Zac Hancox