What are the Best B2B Lead Generation Methods?

Lead generation is one of the fundamentals for creating new sales opportunities for your business. It's defined as "the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business's products or services". But how can you generate new leads, and which methods are the most effective?

B2B Telemarketing

Cold Calling (telemarketing)

Not all cold calling falls under the telemarketing bracket, but a successful B2B telemarketing campaign is proven as one of the most effective ways of generating new business leads. Lead generation through telemarketing involves reaching out to businesses that fall within a business's target market, delivering a clear message directly to the decision maker. At scale. This method is highly effective and offers not only lead generation but huge brand awareness. 

B2B Lead Generation

Networking | Face to Face

Face to face marketing is great, however incredibly time-consuming and can be quite hit and miss depending on which events you choose to attend. It definitely shouldn't be your main method of marketing and reaching potential clients - but it can be effective in generating a few extra leads when the opportunity arises. 

Inbound Marketing

Although inbound marketing is a very effective lead generation strategy, it's being adopted very slowly and takes a long time for a company to see any of the effects. It's not like outbound methods where you can see the fruits of your work almost immediately, you have to wait for content to be indexed by Google and for your potential clients to be actively looking to buy. It must be exactly what the customer is looking for and the tone of the post needs to be perfect, not too "sales-y" but also have structure and relevance. You are then praying you've done enough to tip the prospect's interest enough to convince them to leave their details. All in all, a solid lead generation method if incorporated into proactive outbound activities (see our post here for more detail on mixing inbound and outbound methods). 

Direct marketing (emails)

Although this is similar to the principle of telemarketing, the approach is far less targeted and personalised than a consultative conversation over the phone. Email marketing is not as effective as it once was as emails are easily ignored and can be very subjective. Email marketing works best when you deploy them in conjunction with a white paper or blog post, and then a follow-up call. 


AdWords is a pay per click (PPC) method of advertising to people who are searching keywords related to your business in Google. You can read more in-depth about AdWords and outbound methods in another blog post (click here). PPC advertising can be beneficial in terms of appearing to the people who are actively looking to buy, but the reach is still limited and you cannot market directly and personally to your prospects this way. 

Lead Generation Strategies

In summary

All of these types of lead generation are essential to any business looking to grow and should be used in conjunction with one another to optimise results. We recommend that you engage in all types of outbound and inbound strategies, as one is no more important than another, but their effectiveness clearly does vary. A telemarketing campaign can be used to actively approach new potential prospects, as well as drive traffic to your website where you have engaging content for them to stick around and read before enquiring. The phone is then also an incredible tool in converting hot leads into new business on a large scale. 

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