How to boost event ROI

Whilst events are one of the most effective ways to generate high quality leads and opportunities, they are also one of most expensive. Getting the right people to attend is pivotal to achieving a return on that investment.

Events are a great way of bringing likeminded people and organisations together, providing a platform for sharing knowledge, networking opportunities and allowing the facilitator to present themselves as a leader within their industry.

So, aside from the customary aspects of event marketing, how do you get potential attendees to actually engage with and commit to your event? How do you measure the success of your event once it’s over? That’s where telemarketing comes in, with the power of voice contact allowing you to reach invitees on a more personal level and secure high-quality outcomes.

Target the right people

High-value prospects may be harder to reach via email or other digital channels. Telemarketing offers a more direct way to engage with your target attendees.

Present your case

When events require more commitment (high profile or paid attendance), we can tailor the value and benefits to each individual by speaking to them directly and understanding their interests.

Gain valuable insight

By talking to your prospects in a two-way conversation, you can begin to understand more about them before the event. As well using this to pitch attendance, you can use valuable information to help your sales team convert new clients.

Connect on a personal level

A two-way conversation forms the building blocks of a good working relationship. By starting this off, your prospect has had personal contact with your business before attending the event.

Maximise attendances

A well-timed phone call can remind potential attendees of the event, and obtain a more personal commitment which minimises the chances of a no-show.

Lead nurture and follow-up

After the event, the best thing you can do is ensure you stay fresh in everyone’s minds with a quick call. This also allows you to schedule in follow-ups to help convert attendance at your event into new business.

All in all, telemarketing is the most effective and direct way to maximise the return on investment from any event you hold, through getting as many attendances as possible and nurturing those attendances into prospects, and ultimately new clients. You can use this approach as a one-off surrounding an event, or in combination with a comprehensive outbound lead generation strategy. Regardless, you’ll be sure to see a significant difference in results.

Zac Hancox