How to find the right Telemarketing Agency for you

Results from any telemarketing campaign can be hugely driven by the agency you use, and whether they are a good fit for your business. Here are our top questions you should be asking to find the perfect company to grow your business. 

Are they B2B or B2C specialists?

Most companies will specialise in one or the other, but some will be able to carry out both forms of telemarketing. The approach for B2B marketing is very different to that of B2C as the target market is completely different, so be sure that the company you choose is experienced in what you require. 

Straight-Line Marketing specialises in B2B telemarketing, so we target other businesses on behalf of our clients - rather than marketing directly to consumers in the general public. 

Do they have experience in your sector? 

This isn't necessarily a barrier, as a fresh approach can sometimes help generate a new stream of results. It may be good to understand how much of a range of experience a company has, as this could be a good indicator of how applicable their skills are. 

Our business has been lucky enough to secure some of the best individuals in the industry, who have ample experience across almost every sector. We invest in our telemarketers, a number of which coming from some of the UK's largest and most successful telemarketing agencies. This means we will always endeavour to have each campaign run by the person with the most experience in your industry. 

will you have access to the calls they make?

With a company contacting prospective clients on your behalf, it's crucial that they deliver the correct message about your product or service. Being able to listen back to telemarketing calls demonstrates integrity and transparency from the agency, as well as you being able to quality control the message being delivered. 

We record all calls made during your campaign, and you have the freedom to listen to these. We'll ensure to send the call recording of every single lead that comes over to you, so you know exactly what has been discussed with the prospect already. 

Do they work with scripts or unscripted?

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but understanding the agencies reasoning for using their chosen model will be beneficial. You may also want to ensure you understand fully how they use their approach, and how they ensure all of your pitch is delivered effectively - or who writes the scripts. 

At Straight-Line Marketing, we believe that a blend of tried and tested methods with a modern twist is the best way to generate the best leads for your business. Before any outbound campaign, we'll have an in-depth briefing session to learn everything that there is to know about your business, what makes your offering unique, and how we can replicate this at scale to drive new business for you. We have found that sticking rigidly to a script can sometimes lead to a less meaningful conversation, so our telemarketers are trained to use the script as a framework for the message that needs to be delivered, whilst adapting their conversation as necessary for the best possible results. 

What are their internal performance markers?

Companies use a large number of different markers to define targets for their employees. This can include things such as average talk time, calls per hour, leads generated, billing efficiency, . We take a lot of care in setting targets and calculating them for a balance of excellent results but not standards so high that they are unattainable and demoralising. All our telemarketers have a visual representation of their weekly progress with them constantly, so that they always know what they're working towards. 

How are telemarketers rewarded?

The answer to this question can give a good idea of the underlying values within the company. Telemarketing agencies may offer a bonus per appointment booked, or set targets that diallers must achieve for any campaign - so it can be good to understand how this may influence a campaign of yours. 

We understand that one volunteer is worth 100 pressed men - and look to motivate and reward, rather than pressure. If your employees want to work hard for you, then your results enter a new gear. All executives are rewarded on client retention, as we know we'll only retain our clients if we do an outstanding job as well as having an excellent relationship with our clients - good leads alone isn't good enough! We also offer international travel incentives and unique career progression opportunities for our account managers, meaning they are working hard for the good of the business as well as themselves. 

How is the payment arranged?

There are many different payment models offered by telemarketing agencies, ranging from a flat fee to an hourly cost, or even a pay per lead. Each of these has their benefits, but it's important to consider how the payment will influence the campaign. Pay per lead campaigns can seem attractive as you only pay for the success of your campaign, but you need to be certain that the quality of the leads is high enough for you to convert enough into sales. 

Straight-Line Marketing offers lead generation campaigns on an hourly basis, so you have maximum flexibility over your campaign. We can pre-determine the number of hours you wish to purchase, and how you would like these to be distributed over time. We will only return hot leads who have a genuine interest in your product or service - it's not beneficial for either party to generate low quality leads.  

How do they sound on the phone?

Generally, how a telemarketing agency sounds on the phone with you is a representation of how they will sound talking to your prospective clients. If they speak with pride about the company they work for, this can give a good idea of the internal culture in the business - which ultimately helps to drive performance. 

We have a performance culture at the heart of everything we do, and all our telemarketers and management are equally enthusiastic about the business and its growth. 


Obviously there is much more to the process of choosing the right telemarketing agency for you, but this is a very good place to start. A good relationship is beneficial for both parties, and will drive good results. Get in touch with one of our telemarketing experts today to see how we can help grow your business. 

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