How to generate new sales leads

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Lead Generation is an essential part of building a business. Every business need a consisted flow of sales opportunities to ensure that the sales/new business team has enough prospects in the pipeline to hit their sales targets.

When it comes building a business generating good quality leads can be a challenge. There are so many methods a business can explore, however we have shortlisted the ones that we feel are most effective for the small to medium sized business.


It’s widely known that telemarketing, especially in the business to business space is highly effective. We’d even go as far as to say it’s the most effective. For those that don’t know, telemarketing is the art of being able to turn cold data into hot sales ready opportunities. A good telesales company can turn even the smallest investment into a huge return. This is a great option for companies with complex offerings as a good telemarketer will be able to tailor the message for each business, answering any initial questions they might have. It’s also very proactive, so no matter what stage of business you are telemarketing is super effective at generating a high number of opportunities in a short space of time.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be a very effective form of lead generation. The ability to send thousands of emails to people within your target market can seem very appealing on face value, however with email open rates dropping and even more red tape coming into play with regards to customer data, people are choosing to steer away from this route. However, email marketing can incredibly effective if combined with a targeted telemarketing campaign. A follow up call once an email has been sent can see conversion rates soar!

PPC (pay Per Click)

Pay per click advertising can be a quick way to generate lead if your website is new or has little content. Pay per click will surface your business at the top and bottom of google searched when a potential prospect searches for something that meets the keywords you are advertising for. This can be very effective, however has no lasting effects and will stop the moment you stop paying for it. Which brings me on to my next point, price. Pay per click advertising is incredibly competitive and to that end, very expensive. You will be bidding for a click and usually the highest bidder will get that click and the cost of this can rack up pretty quickly.

Blogging & Content creation (SEO)

Blogging and content creation is a great way to improve online presence and solidify yourself and a font of knowledge in your industry. The idea is that you should look to educate your prospects and entice them into your sales funnel when they are further down the sales process and thus more willing to enter an sale encounter with you.


LinkedIn is the world largest professional network, it’s great for keeping in touch with old or current colleagues. People also use this as a lead generation tool as people tend to be fairly active on the platform and keep all their details up to date. This means you can accurately target and reach out to people you can sell too.


Networking events are a good lead generation source, as long as you attend the right events. If not this can be a huge waste of time and money. That said if you can get into the right events it can be a gold mine as you can essentially pitch your business, face to face to everyone in the room.


Trade shows or industry events are another popular way of capturing leads. However, these can be very costly. So unless you’re willing to spend some serious money to ensure you have the biggest, most vibrant and attractive stand this probably wont be an avenue to explore for the smaller business. That said, if you can combine a trade show capturing as much prospect’s as possible with an outbound telemarketing campaign this can help convert cold stand visitors into qualified leads.

In short, you should be deploying all of these lead generation methods in varying proportions. As a small business you should not be relying on one stream to provide you with all of your new business opportunities.

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