In-house Vs. Outsourced Telemarketing

This is something most decision makers within businesses will have come across. Should you outsource telemarketing or recruit an in-house team? We thought we’d take some time to break it down to give any established business owner or entrepreneur all of the essential knowledge to make an educated decision on which route is best for you.

If someone is considering telemarketing, they are probably looking for a cost effective way of generating new business leads. Telemarketing, whether in-house or outsourced is one of the most effective ways for a business to generate qualified sales opportunities.

Although the price of outsourced marketing can initially seem expensive with its upfront fees, it can be easy to forget the ‘hidden’ costs involved with in-house telemarketing services. The expense that comes with training, equipment, and maintenance of a telemarketing team is, more often than not, really challenging for many businesses (especially startups and SMEs). For this reason, specialist companies have (and will continue to be) the most cost-effective and profitable way to do outbound B2B telemarketing.

Control and personal investment

Whilst it feels like you have more control, and you’re managing a telemarketer (or maybe even a team of them) doing outbound lead generation for you all day long, you can actually increase the risk of not getting the best possible results. The environment inside a company that does telemarketing all day long increases competition and therefore diallers often get better results when working amongst a larger group of peers. Your team of telemarketers may also be incredibly experienced, but companies like Straight-Line have the resources to continuously improve their offering, through a large volume of staff who all have different but invaluable information to offer.

Last of all, if (however unlikely) your campaign isn’t getting the results you need, we have the means to fix that far more effectively and more quickly, either by quickly accessing new data, changing our scripts, or even replacing your diallers with someone else. In-house teams are able to do all of these things, but may not have the ability to change things in the way that a large experienced company does, which ultimately wastes time that you could be generating sales opportunities. We are as invested in the growth of your business as you are.

The same can be said for the continuous training that happens in out-sourced companies. Telemarketing companies are frequently required to update and change their processes to meet licencing/ law changes, as well as meet high industry standards to stay competitive - which means all of our telemarketers are kept up to the latest standards.

Who really has the time to start up, fund, manage, and maintain an entire telemarketing operation? An obvious upside to hiring telemarketing agencies is that it won’t affect your normal day-to-day routine. By outsourcing, you can guarantee qualified leads with senior decision makers in your target market, without putting in any effort yourself. You don’t need to hire and maintain extra employees or get them up to standard with your offering. We are experts in getting up to speed and will get going quicker than most. We will qualify a lead or arrange an appointment on your behalf, send it over and let you do the rest!

Every one of our lead/appointment call files are reviewed and verified by our internal Quality Assurance department.


It comes up a lot, but hiring your own team can seem more cost effective at face value. You only pay their monthly wages, and they dial for you all day, every day. Great, right? We have created an infographic that highlights all of the hidden costs that can come along with having an in-house team - like pensions/holiday, and getting all of the resources necessary to cold call effectively. We have one, up-front cost for an hourly based campaign, that is flexible to meet your needs. No extras.

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Ultimately, these things combined can lead to a decision maker developing their business in a way that is economical, is more likely to generate the leads, and doesn’t involve investing hundreds of their own hours into the maintenance of an in-house team. After all, time is money! To talk to us about whether you should outsource the lead generation for your business, click below or call us on 0161 504 0608.