Is my industry too niche for telemarketing?

This is a very common concern for companies. Although it's definitely a question you should be asking, the answer is usually no - telemarketing can be beneficial for just about any industry. 

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There are many things that come into consideration when planning a telemarketing campaign and deciding whether or not it has the potential to be a success. For very niche industries with this concern, we have a process in place to help answer the question and determine how exactly to tailor the campaign to make it a success. 

Your target market

Every industry has a target market, no matter how niche it is. One of the first things we will look into is understanding the types of businesses that you want to be working with. This includes factors such as the number of employees, turnover, their location (local or national) and whether they operate just in the UK or internationally. 

The data required 

Initially, we will do some research to get an idea of approximately how many businesses will fall into your target market for a B2B campaign. This helps us to see what size campaign will allow you optimal results, as well as determine any other information we may need.

For niche industries, this is where the difficulties can arise - as data for very narrow target markets can be harder to source. However, it doesn't mean it's impossible, and it just may be a case of running a short data generation campaign. This would ensure we have sufficient data to run a successful campaign and target the businesses you really want to be working with, rather than broadening your target market and providing you with low quality leads. 

Number of prospects

Another concern for industries with a narrower target market is the number of prospects available from this, and what percentage of these you may already be speaking to. Initially, we would target anyone who you have not yet reached out to and generate you some new business opportunities. 

Sometimes we'll hear that you have already spoken to everyone who sits within your target market. In these situations, there may be the potential for us to speak to old prospects who were not in a position to buy from you at the time, and see if their situations have changed to deliver them to you as a re-qualified sales opportunity. 

Your product

Niche industries may have a complex product to sell, which requires more in depth work on our side to make sure we can deliver an accurate and compelling pitch when speaking to your prospects. Although a lead generation campaign will not involve us selling to your target market over the phone, we still like to be able to deliver an accurate and compelling pitch to ensure the leads we return to your sales funnel are fully qualified and of the highest possible quality. Even if the sales pitch is more complicated, we will simply adapt the campaign to account for this - and it doesn't necessarily mean that a B2B telemarketing campaign would not be a success.


In short, it is very unlikely that your industry is too niche for telemarketing to help you grow. Our lead generation and appointment setting campaigns are tailored to your business, so we will always do our research on how beneficial a campaign would be for you. If we feel that B2B telemarketing is not going to help you generate new business, we will do our best to recommend you a more appropriate solution. 


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