Should I employ someone or work with a B2B telemarketing company?

When you're looking to generate a steady stream of leads and new business opportunities, the question can arise whether it's best to employ someone to carry out in-house telemarketing, or whether to work with a specialist agency.

Both options have their advantages, and which is best for you can come down to your business model.

At face value it may seem better value to employ someone, pay them a salary and have them working on your outbound marketing strategy full time. It's often forgotten that with employing someone, there comes a huge number of costs alongside just their salary. To name a couple, there are costs involved in the recruitment process, pension contributions, holiday and bonus. By outsourcing your B2B telemarketing, your business avoids these expenses. There are also extras that are needed for any high quality campaign, such as software and equipment that are needed for smooth workflow and maximum productivity, and regular training to constantly improve the standard of telemarketing (and therefore the quality of the leads).  

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It's also a well known fact that your surroundings are everything, and the same goes for a fast-paced telemarketing environment. We have created a unique performance culture, where every person is driven to hit and exceed their targets - where each account manager and executive is driven by a sense of competition to perform. Success is rewarded from the bottom up, so every single person is committed to really delivering. We know that we will only grow as a business when we retain our clients, which is only a possibility when we deliver extraordinary results. 

An in-house telemarketer working alone may lack the stimulating environment that you'll find inside a company like ours, which is a huge contributing factor to the success of a campaign. They also dial for you all day long, which may be an advantage in terms of the number of hours of output. However, this means there is no room for flexibility at times when the contact rate is low. We look to maximise your investment of outbound telemarketing hours with us, and if there is a particular time of day that we're finding is not having enough success, we'll simply pause the hours and pick up again at a better time. This means that all the hours spent on making calls to generate you business opportunities have the best possible results, and nobody gets disheartened when they aren't getting anywhere for an entire morning!

Skills and training are also key when it comes to a successful B2B outbound marketing campaign. Every single member of our team is enrolled in the Straight-Line business academy when they join us, which delivers consistent training for their continuous improvment and output within the business - which means constantly improving results for our clients. Even if you employ a full-time, experienced telemarketer, they will never be any better or work to a higher standard than when you hired them.

A large concern for many companies is that we won't learn the business (and therefore deliver a compelling pitch) as well as somebody who works directly for them. Whilst this may be true for some telemarketing agencies, it certainly isn't the case with us. Before any campaign, we'll have a lengthy briefing session where we sit down with you and learn what makes you unique, so we are able to replicate this at scale to get you in front of the businesses you want to be working with. We'll build a framework of the pitch so we can ensure we cover all of your USPs and qualify every lead that we pass over to you. We don't use a set script, we work with a consultative approach to have an in-depth conversation with each prospect that we talk to, which means your business is portrayed exactly as it should be - instead of it coming across that the call is coming from an external call centre, which can really damage your brand. 


Obviously there is a lot to consider when it comes to deciding the best method for continued lead generation for your business, and it's not a decision to be taken lightly. Get in touch for a no obligation conversation about how we can help you, and how it might compare to you employing someone in-house, in the context of your offering. We can be reached on 0161 504 0608, or by following the link below.