B2B Telemarketing for Luxury Services

Luxury services is an extremely niche industry and takes a great level of expertise for any form of success to be achieved. Many telemarketing agencies do not have a background in the luxury services sector - which can include high-end travel management companies, concierge companies, yacht and private jet charter etc.

Straight-Line Marketing | B2B Telemarketing | Lead Generation | Private Jet Charter

Luckily for you, we are in a far stronger position to help than most other B2B telemarketing agencies out there. Our sister company is a private jet charter company, and Straight-Line was founded to fix a problem that no other telemarketing company could. We wanted to embark on B2B telemarketing, but no agencies that we spoke to had sufficient experience in the industry and lacked the key knowledge to generate the necessary qualified leads. We know that clients of luxury services industries are of a very particular type,  and that it doesn't fall in line with the usual style of B2B telemarketing. 

Having even further refined our methods for a high-output telemarketing campaign for our sister company, we're in the perfect position to help other luxury service businesses looking to expand their presence in the B2B space. We have an in-depth knowledge of the industry, and the nature of the decision makers you need to speak to in order to win. 

Pitches need to be even more tailored and less scripted, and the technical details are often a crucial part of the initial conversation with prospects. We'll never claim to know everything there is to know about what you do, but we have a very solid head start. 

To see how we can help you increase your market exposure in the luxury services industry, give one of the account experts a call on 0161 504 0608, or click below to send us a message.