Telemarketing VS Google Adwords

Why be a drop in the ocean, when you can create waves?

With us being firmly within internet 2.0, where does telemarketing fit in? We wanted to set the two business generation channels head to head! 

Google AdWords is a pay per click product run by Google, where companies pay to have their websites displayed when the search terms they have selected are entered in to Google. The ads appear at the top and bottom of each page of the search results, and the ones shown are determined by how much the company has paid as well as the deemed relevance to the search. Whilst this can be quick to create and provide instant results (with the potential for excellent exposure), the cost per click can be extremely high for competitive industries. You are able to closely monitor traffic through AdWords, but you lack the power to tailor each potential clients' experience - as well as the fact you will be amongst a huge number of other businesses all fighting for the top spot. It's likely you'll be mixed in with all of the other search results; and the people visiting your site are more than likely to be considering your competitors at the same time.  

Telemarketing is different, in the sense that we will source and contact potential clients rather than waiting for them to come to you. We specialise in B2B telemarketing and lead generation; setting appointments for you to have face to face meetings with companies who you want to work with so you can sell directly to them. We reach out to industries that you target, and work as an extension of your business to create tailored sales opportunities which enables you to close a higher percentage of new clients than you would from Google AdWords.  

Yes, Google AdWords is a good form of lead generation, but it is also very wasteful. How many times have you been searching something on google and completely skipped all the ads at the top and clicked straight into the first organically ranked website? With AdWords, you are praying that the person that clicks on your advert enquires with you, and if they don't? You're paying for it anyway.

Picture your website like your shop, a physical space selling your products and services. Now imagine you're handsomely paying the best salesperson you know to stand on the high street, using all the skills they have to attract customers to your shop. However, once they are inside, the salesman leaves to continue bringing more customers in. Unfortunately, you are stood with a blindfold on and cannot see who walks in, browsing away, maybe showing some interest in your products. You are unable to see this, and they leave without buying.

This is the same scenario as with Google AdWords. Sadly, there is no way of being able to track who clicks your ads and what they looked at, leaving you unable to follow up with them and resulting in a missed sales opportunity. And let's not forget that you are paying each time someone clicks your ad! Using AdWords for lead generation is much more effective for B2C campaigns, as there is no more direct way of finding potential customers.

B2B Telemarketing

With B2B Telemarketing we pinpoint potential customers and take the sniper approach on selected targets, rather than using a machine gun and hoping for the best.

We go directly to your target market; delivering messages that will engage even the most passive, and crafting tailored campaigns, going directly to the people you want to be working with. We'll do all the hard work, contacting the decision maker ensuring they have a have the need for your solution. That's when we build value, mentioning a couple of your most relevant USPs! When interest is confirmed, we set a date and time that works for them and book the appointment. This is a firm, fixed sales opportunity for your sales team to close. We set them up, you knock them down. No wasted time or resource. 

The other benefits of telemarketing, are things like: market intelligence, target market feedback and brand awareness. Even if a potential customer isn't ready for a meeting at the time we contact them, this doesn't mean they never will be. And when they are, they will remember the meaningful, consultative conversation we had with them and will almost certainly consider you over any of your competitors.  



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