The Importance of Data in B2B Telemarketing

When it comes to B2B lead generation, it's important to work only with clean, high-quality, very targeted data. The wrong data will generate the wrong leads. It's a simple equation, but it is all too easy to use data that isn't up to scratch, or that is a poor fit for your business.

So why is data quality so important for B2B lead generation and how can you ensure that your database fits the bill?

 A good place to start is with your current B2B database. Are any of the records it contains out-of-date, incomplete, or illegally acquired? Are there any duplicates or poorly formatted records? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then a data cleanse is crucial. That means removing any records that are out-of-date (or updating them) or acquired illegally, filling in existing gaps, and removing duplicates.

You can then analyse your database to identify recurring trends and attributes, which will enable you to work out who your best customers are and, therefore, who you should be targeting in the future. You can then tailor your marketing campaigns to reflect these findings. 

We offer a comprehensive data cleansing service, which involves us re-qualifying your records for the most up to date information. Click here to find out more about this service, and how you can utilise it to maximise your business growth.

Another way to ensure you are only working with high quality data is to purchase B2B data lists from a reputable provider. They will work with you to create a targeted list that will enable you to form connections with the right people. The records included in this list will be accurate, relevant and suited to your needs. All of the data for our telemarketing campaigns is sourced from our trusted partner providers, is fully GDPR compliant, and is selected specifically for your criteria.

Data quality is extremely important in B2B lead generation. Poor quality data is the wrong data - and the wrong data will lead you to the wrong people; a journey to nowhere. Embark on a combined data cleanse and appointment setting campaign, where we’ll clear up your existing database, nurture any prospects, and use new data to generate you further qualified business opportunities for you to convert into new clients.

Zac Hancox