The Perfect Lead Follow-up Process

Once your marketing strategy is optimised, your pipeline will start to fill with new leads . However, none of your sales opportunities are of any use if they can't be converted into new business! Here's some of our top tips when it comes to increasing your conversion rate. 

Lead generation can come from inbound or outbound marketing strategies, but they should be treated the same. A person who has expressed interest in your product or service is likely to be in a position to buy - and so the lead should be nurtured in order to maximise the chances of this happening. 

Get back to them asap

If an inbound lead comes in (perhaps through a website enquiry or an email message), you should contact them as quickly as you are able. Studies have shown that the response time is directly related to the probability of a sale, which decreases by the minute. Where leads are generated through outbound campaigns, you should set a time and date for your next conversation (ideally within a week) and stick to this. 

Earn their trust 

Anyone who enquires with you is going to want to understand how you work, and how you interact with your clients. So start as you mean to go on, and don't always feel the need to begin pitching immediately - take the time to build a relationship which will end up being highly valued. 

Keep it personal

Marketing automation can be great for larger marketing campaigns, but it's absolutely not sufficient when communicating with a potential new client. It lacks the personal touch when dealing with a fresh lead. Take the time to communicate, whether it be by phone, email or face to face. 


Naturally, your lead follow-up process will vary between businesses and there will be many factors specific to what you do. Whatever it is, B2B telemarketing can help your business grow. With a tailored lead generation campaign, we'll feed hot leads directly into your sales funnel for you to close into new business. Give us a call on 0161 504 0608 or follow the link below to discuss how we can help you with telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. 




Emma Corn