We are excited to announce..

LinkedIn Lead Generation is now available through the Straight-Line Group.

Further increase your sales pipeline by maximising the number one way to generate B2B leads digitally - using your own LinkedIn profile. We’ll grow your network, with targeted connection requests to businesses and job titles of the people you want to be working with. A tailored message to each of these prospects can get you in front of prospects that are otherwise difficult to reach.

We can also expand the reach of your account by putting out regular, high-quality content that will both grow your network and drive more inbound traffic to your own website. It’s the perfect way to generate business leads whilst your building personal brand, and the benefits of this will stay with you long after your StraightIN campaign ends.

Each campaign is fully customised to your needs and targets, and will involve constant adjustments to ensure maximum results.


Perfect for integration into a telemarketing campaign, or as a standalone project to keep your pipeline full of sales leads. Discounted rates are available for our telemarketing customers, as the two methods work together brilliantly to generate you a steady stream of qualified sales opportunities.

Emma Corn