Will GDPR kill cold calling?

In short, no! There have been huge concerns over what GDPR means for B2B Telemarketing, and whether it will prevent companies reaching out to other businesses via outbound lead generation methods. 

B2B Telemarketing is much less affected by the new data protection regulations than B2C communication. The GDPR is changing the way businesses process personal data, requiring greater transparency and stricter limits on how you can use it. 

95% of your prospective clients will lie outside of people who have 'opted in' for you to hold and use their personal data for marketing purposes, but you are still able to contact people who would benefit from your product or service. One of the six legal grounds for processing personal data is "where it is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests (except where such interests are overridden by the interests, rights or freedoms of the data subject)". This means that you can still market to this type of personal data as long as it is applicable to your offering, and you can demonstrate that you have conducted a balancing test. This is an assessment of whether legitimate interests is the most appropriate basis for processing the data; that they can benefit from your product or service; and that your needs do not override those of the individual who's data you hold. 

Once we have qualified a lead, they will confirm that they are happy to have a conversation with the sales team and want to learn more about what you can offer them. As a result, you will follow up with them knowing they have consented to a conversation. Outsourcing your telemarketing to a specialist agency means you can ensure all of the work done on behalf of your business is compliant with GDPR regulations, so you can focus on onboarding new clients and driving sales. 

At Straight-Line Marketing, we only source data for the types of businesses you want to be working with, so we can be sure that legitimate interest applies to all calls that we make. We can also help with a GDPR data cleanse, going through your current database and ensuring all prospects are still appropriate, and re-gaining opt-in consent for a maximal number of potential clients that you can sell to.  


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