Data Cleansing

As an expert B2B lead generation telemarketing agency, we want to make sure that when we call businesses on your behalf, we have as much valuable information as possible to secure you an appointment with a sales-ready prospect. We also like to assess the quality of the opportunities within a database and add new information when we discover it. To do this, our highly trained telemarketers start database cleaning i.e. making exploratory calls to the database contacts one-by-one. 

Target the right decision makers

This data cleaning process gives us the chance to make sure we are targeting the right decision-makers with the right message.

Profile your target audience

Our unique in-house software means we can also store profiling information on each contact we speak to. 

Ask the right questions

The answers to these questions will be stored in the database along with any other information which was gathered during the calls.

Enrich your database

Any inaccurate information will be removed from the database. This new information will then be introduced and the database enriched.

Expert Database Cleansing

Whether you have your own client data, a sourced opt-in database, a legacy database or a combination of all of these, you’re going to require data cleansing services. In B2B marketing, up-to-date and comprehensive data is the key to reaching the right prospects with the right message.

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